About Gun Bunny Magic

Gun Bunny Magic (G.B.M.) is a husband and wife venture. We are a company that strives to produce the best naturally based beard care products. G.B.M. is veteran owned and operated in which our resources are also sourced out from other veteran owned and operated companies. We pride ourselves in attaining all resources from within the USA and not from other countries; self sustaining our country.

My wife and I started this business because the stores on island had very limited beard care products which were expensive, greasy, irritated my skin, or simply just didn’t suit my needs to maintain a healthy beard. So we came up with a natural ingredient base for all of our products and just tweaked it for the different formulations; beard oil, beard balm, and mustache wax. Each of the scents was developed alongside my wife , who ultimately made the choice to produce the scent into our products.

Our company name “Gun Bunny Magic” was thought up by my wife and I. We were both at one time in the military, I decided to get out; now a veteran and my wife currently still serves. During my tenure in the Army I spent majority of my career as a 13B; Cannon Crew Member, essentially the Gunner within my crew. In which came about the name “Gun Bunny”. “Gun Bunny” is a nickname for those within the Artillery branch, amongst others that were also incorporated into our scent names; “Red Legs” being one. Majority of our scent names are derived from either the Artillery branch or from the military overall. “Gun Bunny Magic”; the “Magic” within our brand name personifies the quality and greatness of our products and the wonders that it will do for you and your beard.

Our Speciality

Specializing in naturally based beard care and hair care products for all the fearless bearded men.

Our Mission

Provide a naturally based alternative to beard care and hair care products and help sustain our country by attaining all resources from within the USA.